Moving WBCCI Forward

A group of active members of our national club have initiated a movement titled “Moving WBCCI Forward.”  This is a grass roots effort created and led by like-minded WBCCI members to bring about improvements that move our club forward. They are asking all interested members to please consider becoming involved. This is not an IBT nor International officers initiative.

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Vision, Mission and Success Factors

MWF Vision

Moving Forward works within the WBCCI organization to foster a member-focused and growing Airstream club that promotes fun, friendship and adventure.

MWF Mission

While preserving the rich heritage of WBCCI, Moving Forward,

  • Encourages an inclusive environment where club practices and policies serve to unite members, where all members are treated with respect, all views are valued and all voices are heard.
  • Fosters continuing improvement in communications.
  • Works within our units, regions and international entities to remove obstacles to unity.
  • Promotes practices which increase membership in the club and participation in club events.
  • Actively seeks and recruits qualified members to serve as officers and committee members at all levels of the club.
  • Acts as a resource for Units and Regions seeking ideas, assistance, and feedback.

MWF Success Factors

Develop a Leadership Pipeline

  • Inspire participation at all levels (Units, Regions and International).
    • Develop succession plans to enable smooth transition of offices by making the VP positions stepping-stones to successful terms as president.
    • Develop broad based roles for Board Members; Committee Chairs (Membership, Social Media, Caravan, Rally Planning, Welcoming & Nominating); President, 1st & 2nd VP.
    • Create virtual folder(s) for each area of responsibility that includes links to annual deliverables and contacts, as well as the Blue Book C&BL, Unit and Region C&BL.

Membership is King

  • Make it easy to have fun
    • Develop interesting guides to aid the development of fun and successful events and caravans.
    • Promote a warm, inclusive approach that will have broader appeal to new and prospective membership.
    • Promote club practices and policies that integrate and unite members.
    • Reduce structured formality and exclusive practices within our areas of influence and promote membership-focused ideas as best practices.
    • Improve Membership recruiting through the promotion of a new club vision.
    • Share successful membership and new member recruiting strategies throughout the organization.


  • Support and promote improved use of technology to connect with club membership
    • Create a robust, engaging MWF website to serve as a platform for progress sharing.
    • Highlight and emphasize testimonials from webmasters, Membership Chairs and rally hosts as they implement .net sites, on-line membership registration, renewals and on-line rally registration.
    • Establish a resource database containing examples of successful marketing tools created at the Unit and Region level (e.g. welcome postcards, business cards, rally flyers).
    • Offer articles for publication in the News & Views on items of interest to the membership.
    • Promote and support web and communications topics forums about events.
    • Assist Units in their efforts to improve their use of electronic processes, including but not limited to, electronic newsletters, unit directories, web based information and dues payment.
    • Encourage the development and expansion of web based newsletters and information including rally and caravan registration.
    • Work with Region and Unit leadership to create a peer-to-peer mentorship process within their Region. Create Unit President forum with periodic conference calls.
    • Encourage communication with members through the use of social media.   Grow club Facebook presence.
    • Encourage surveys, feedback, reviews and other means of determining the likes, dislikes, wishes and wants of the members and new Airstream owners whenever and however possible.  Identify and partner with at least two Units to create, distribute and report results using Survey Monkey.
    • Publish surveys (using Survey Monkey) on Region websites using portions of the abandoned “Club” survey as a model.
    • Report results of surveys to all members through Unit and/or Region websites as well as
    • MWF website.

Elevate communication within Club leadership

  • Promote and suggest Club web site contains names and contact information for all International Officers, committee chairs, committee members, and Regional Officers.
  • Promote the Region Officers Forum as a useful communication tool by establishing a monthly cadence of key topic dialogue.
  • Establish consistent communication platform with the Blue Beret by establishing a MWF liaison with Blue Beret Chair and HQ.
  • Update the style of the Blue Beret

Effect Policy Change

  • Publish changing demographics and expectations.
  • Reduce required standing committees at region and unit levels and suggest committee reductions at the International.
  • Promote the development of a club Vision.

Promote Committee Participation

  • Serve on the committees that exist within the club.
    • Actively search out members with experience, skills and talents that will aid the various committees in performing their functions.
    • Interest members in getting their resumes and applications to the appropriate committee chairs and Executive Committee members.
    • Put forth great candidates for the Nominating committee and International office.
    • Step forward and participate at the unit, region and international level.
    • Actively encourage like-minded people to serve in office and support the work of those who volunteer to serve by assisting with committees and projects.
  • Work to ensure that the club asks members for help within their areas of expertise.
    • When committee or special projects members are needed, ensure that there is an effort to ask the broadest range of members for assistance rather than going to those who we know well.
    • Work to ensure that club actions encourage input from members rather than discouraging members who speak up.